About the Artist




Having grown up in a small rural North Eastern Wisconsin town for the majority of my adolescent life I was still enamored with fine art as rare as it was there. I eventually moved to Madison Wisconsin to pursue a BFA within the state University system. Having graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with an emphasis in illustration I then moved to Los Angeles for the bountiful opportunity it presents. Here I reside pursuing all of my artistic endeavors in their many forms.

Artist Statement:

“I hope that my art can change a life in its viewing in the way a story can change a life by its hearing or reading. The intent is to help transport the viewer to the unconscious realm with imagery that is visually stimulating and conceptually engaging. My style alternates between surrealism, representation, expressionism, and graphic illustration in nature which creates a stylistic and distinct visual approach. Many of the concepts of my work are random or spontaneous in origin, others are rooted in the subconscious mind.  Sometimes the ideas may appear sensible only in connection to my life experiences but thy are delivered in such a way as to be universally understood, allowing the viewer to relate as well. These experiences are vignettes of my life which show moments of both great triumph and great defeat which all of humanity can relate to. It is within this relation to the viewer that the artwork can begin to take on a new and unique meaning and create a meaningful discourse or a fruitful journey.”